Monday Mixtape: Marco 'PeeDoo' Gallerani

balearic gabba mixtape summer '19

Marco "peeDoo" Gallerani lives and breathes disco, cosmic, balearic, italo and plenty in between. With such a long grounding in the music industry (he A&R’ed seminal italian labels like Mantra Vibes and Mantra Breaks) he has done so now for more years than he cares to remember, and in the process has turned his Hell Yeah Recordings label into one of Italy’s finest and hardest to categorise outlets. Over more than 100 releases it has put out music from a range of classical and contemporary artists (from Luminodisco to Alexander Robotnick, DJ Rocca to Dimitri From Paris, from Tempelhof to Gigi Masin, Max Essa to Kito Jempere to recent Calm's album release) who between them conjure up everything from ”floor destroying dub disco bombs to sun kissed beach music with blissfully escapist melodies”

Marco himself is a key part of the second wave of Balearic selectors. Nowadays he supplies his record playing peers with sumptuous sounds, exclusive cuts and cheeky edits that he carefully unearths on his travels around the world, where he plays from boat parties to basement sessions. He is also the founding member of the Balearic Gabba Soundsystem, a crew of playful oddballs who know how to get people freaky dancing with leftfield cuts and curveball selections that make for a truly wild ride. They have also been releasing EPs on labels like Golf Channel, and are a cult and much loved gang of musical rule breakers. As his quest for the perfect beat continues, Marco Gallerani continues to define and dictate Balearic’s ever evolving global movement. He’s also started the balearic monday rendez-vous in Berlin, Buena Onda. It’s up very monday at Arkaoda Berlin with Gallo and Jona Jefferies are carrying the torch and it's getting busier and busier with balearic beats lovers.

For us he recorded a mix he describes as ”My summer balearic gabba mixtape... some current classics, some evergreen "anytime it's party time" tunes, a strong dose of dub and a couple of sunset belters to start/end with. The heart of it is heavily inspired by our recent Hell Yeah boat party at the ever excellent Ortigia Sound System Festival in Sicily. I played alongside my hero Bjørn Torske who literally rock(ed) The Boat. Great memories…”


S-F-X - Love Stream

Calm - My Home Town (Mind Fair Remix)

Ichisan - Hotel Jama (Harpsichord2)

Tri Atma - Yummy Moon

Mlir - People

Forrest - Rock The Boat

Cat Boys feat. Asuka Ando - Gypsy Woman

Cantoma - Kasoto (Noche Espanola Remix)

Lucas Croon - S.W.E.D.

Lexx feat. Woolfy - Too Hot

Fern Kinney - Baby Let Me Kiss You (Leftside Wobble Kiss-Kiss Edit)

Belpaese 001 - Para Para

My Friend Dario - Prime Luci


This summer on Hell Yeah:

Quiroga - Passages (2LP)

Calm - By Your Side Remixes part 2 (Mark Barrott/ My Friend Dario remixes)

Juan Moretti - Cats Do Not Care About Glasses (LP)

Max Essa - The Great Adventure EP

all available here:


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Photo by Hiroki Mano