Monday Mixtape: Masomenos

Welcome To Studio HC

Masomenos, is a productive partnership between Joan Costes, a graphic designer and DJ, and Adrien de Maublanc, a producer and sound engineer. They both clearly have a ball with "Welcome to Masomenos", an audio-visual system they use to produce their spontaneous, lighthearted, psychedelic, no limits universe.

Since Masomenos’ new album „12 Days A Week“ is one of our actual office favorites here at Lodown headquarters, we’re more than delighted to have them on our show with a guest mix that’s really one of a kind and which has been pieced together as a Masomenos vs. Aka Pellaman mix. Aka Pellaman is an alias of Adrien, one half of Masomenos, which sees him using acapellas from big rap and hip hop tracks while making new beats for them as an alternative cut, so it’s a blend of that and the trippy ambient feel of the album across nearly two hours for an interesting and very unique listen.



Buy link for their superb album:  Juno

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