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You probably know this phenomenon: there’s this one DJ who’s been around locally, who’s shaking the scene for years, who’s always fathoming new and unknown territories of dance music in a true explorer’s manner before the copycats ring, a unique base, a foundation. And you always wonder why this person isn’t part of the jetsetting scene, the frequent flyers between London, Ibiza, Barcelona, Tel Aviv and wherever.

Enter Miriam Schulte. Living in Berlin, DJing for over 20 years now, carrying an encyclopedic musical knowledge that needs an extra brain and at least three bags, always keen on scouting the innovative, the uncommon, the notorious, sometimes sinister, sometimes uplifting - but always driving - realms of modern dance music. And that might be the “problem”: being unpredictable is just uncomfty for most bookers. They just love to know what they get. They don’t like surprises. We do. (as we don’t have to sell club tickets here)

When we asked Miriam to be part of our mix series, we absolutely had no clue what she’d deliver, where she's at for the moment. And so we got it - a gritty, sometimes brutal, pressing and hypnotic surprise collage that is a perfect ending for an equally sombre year, with a good load of bass, breaks, dub, bulky bounces and cineastic noise - her sound du jour she’s playing as a resident at Mother’s Finest, a musically highly diverse and unrestricted party series at Berlin’s Griessmühle whose booking policy is following exactly not those aforementioned rules. You’ll never know what to expect at Mother’s Finest - stylistically. But you certainly get: tasteful, advanced and cutting edge, often hard to categorise floor material.

That’s why she’s there. That’s why she’s not in the jetsetting league. Really wanted to avoid the term underground here. I failed now. But that’s ok though.




Hugo Massien: Advanced Aerial Threat

Gramrcy: Settlement

Lowquid & Bokeh: Signal

Spiritflesh: Crib

Webstarr: Clocked

Martyn: Everything is New

E-Talking: Telephone Rose

Facta: Poliwhirl

Sully: Let You

The Burrell Connection: Hyper_14.255

David Goldberg: M4l-Uv

Overmono: The Mabe

Shelley Parker: Red Cotton

E-Unity: Everlasting Legacy (Functional Mix)

Etch: The Siren

Hodge & Gramrcy: Barnohl

Wild Planet: Headcleaner

Peder Mannerfelt: Cigarettes (Eurofierceness Mix)

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Oh, and have a wonderful new year with tons of great music. Kisses, lodown.