Room With A View

On the way to nowhere, where the sun never sleeps, where your tears turn into sweat, where your mind forgets your body and your body does not mind, where you feel like being born again but you're just dying while laughing, on this dusty road you've never been but still can recall, stands a place with enough room for your nights, Motel77.

Motel77, a new duo revealed by the infamous french label La Dame Noir. Thoma Cher & Charp, two Djs who have been key players in the Shanghai underground scene for the last decade where they held a good bunch of residencies at several influential clubs of the city. Charp and Thoma Cher teamed up last year as Motel77, a dark disco act "for those who like to keep their leather jacket on the dance floor" (Trax Magazine 2018). Dark, deep, physical but all with a focus on groove. "A standout package of machine made disco with a space edge" 

An EP on La Dame Noir earlier this year including Damon Jee (as Nozz) and Thomass Jackson remixes will now be followed by another EP with remixes by Roe Deers and In Flagranti on NEIN records that will hit the streets in December.



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