Tropical Mix

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There’s a good chance that most of our readers just know one of the Nomads. The artist who’s sitting comfortably between the stools of graffiti, street art and galleries, leaving his marks on walls of public spaces as well as on collector’s and hollywood fame’s. His work brings the fun back into art and I’m glad there’s this 19,99€ piece hanging on my wall giving me a smile whenever I enter the bathroom.

Then there’s another Nomad sitting in his chest, the DJ and producer, the label owner of Vulkan Dance and the record collector of stuff you not only never have heard of before, but also will never hear again and, yes, never will be able to pronounce. He’s a "Dj's DJ“, one of the moving forces of the revival and maintenance of Afro-Tropical Dancemusic - on the planet, and in particular in his hometown Berlin. His socialization and musical education into the topic started in the late eighties/ early nineties with Afro-cosmic parties, hosted by Italian DJ's like of Beppe Loda or DJ Mozart. Since then he became an avid collector and historian on African and afro influenced musical styles, from South African Shangaan to Arab music, from East African Benga, Westafrican Funk, over the Islands Cadence to Brazilian Semba or Latin Cumbia and Merenque.

His selections have earned him respect and adoration among the top players of the genre and crowds, worldwide.
Nomad is one of the very few DJ's that can master the entire range of Tropical Dancemusic and play everything from 60's/70's rare traditional Samba or Highlife to the latest unreleased Afro-Electro track, depending on the setting and the vibe of the party. His own productions, and the project "Africaine 808" (together with Dirk Leyers) are trying to fuse the best qualities of traditional polyrythms and call and response chants, with futuristic electronic beats and soundscapes.
Their last 12" „Lagos, New York“ made it to third place in the "release of the year" chart of 2014 at DJ, which fires up expectations for their Album „Basar“ in Fall 2015.
The next Africaine 808 „Rhythm Is All You Can Dance“ will be out on the overwhelmingly good Golf Channel label in May.
Get out your shaker and ingredients, mix yourself up a fruity Acapulco on the rocks, a Brasiliero or Jungle Love and enjoy that Nomad-Trip and always remember that in ancient times on Gondwana the Amazonas and Congo were the very same river - so it all makes totally sense.

If you don’t know, now you know.



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