Love Is The Only Way

Not even a year ago I’ve never heard of Reza Athar. Then, all of a sudden, I stumbled over a bunch of superb mixes that popped up in the web and his unique style and broad musical variety instantly caught my attention. After a few sets he was the guy you definetly should keep an eye (and ear) on, always making me wanna tear off my headphones and turn up the volume in our office. Some weeks ago we presented you his great podcast he did for Next Monday’s Hangover and, as we told you, we needed to ask Reza for an exclusive mix for Lodown. He instantly was down with the idea.

Reza is the promoter of the Horizon parties in Amsterdam that were created to invite DJs who have an international cult status, but don’t get booked as often as they should in Amsterdam. In the first year Horizon have booked DJs as Trevor Jackson, Chloé, Jennifer Cardini, Ivan Smagghe, Ewan Pearson, Tim Paris, nd_baumecker & Massimiliano Pagliara. Artists who haven’t chosen the most obvious path and have always been connected to underground music.
As DJ Reza believes in moods and atmospheres. Mind & body dancing is the biggest precedence in his musical philosophy and sets. His goal is to surprise people with music they aren’t too familiar with. Last year Reza’s mixes were picked by a number of taste making podcast & mix series, as Throne Of Blood, Disko Selectors, THUMP/Vice, Balearic Social, Clandestino & Next Monday’s Hangover — and now Lodown with an almost 2hrs long journey. He also made his debut in the legendary TrouwAmsterdam this year, which was an important milestone for him.

„This mix is dedicated to all the innocent victims of the flight MH17 and specially to the very kind Tim Nieburg. Amsterdam’s nightlife & culture environment will really miss him. We now live in dark times and the world seems to be very mad at the moment. Call me an outdated hippie, but I believe that love will overcome hate at the end. So this mix is dedicated to all the lovers as well.“

01. Heretic – Flesh [Relish Recordings]
02. Jokers Of The Scene – Industrial Blonde [Throne Of Blood]
03. Offset – Retro Future [Correspondant]
04. Lauer – Donner Lake [Permanent Vacation]
05. Culture Fires – Moon & Back [HAKT]
06. Róisín Murphy – Pensiero Stupendo (Leo Mas & Fabrice Dub) [The Vinyl Factory]
07. N.O.I.A. – The Rule To Survive (Kirk Degiorgio Mix) [N.O.I.A. Records]
08. International Peoples Gang – PS [Hi-Phi Music]
09. Hard Ton (feat. Paul Paker) – The Heat Is On (Uabos Mix) [Bordello A Parigi]
10. Temples (USA) – Sun Dipper [100% Silk]
11. Jokers Of The Scene – Channels For Succes [Throne Of Blood]
12. The Drifter – We See Us [Permanent Vacation]
13. Massimiliano Pagliara (feat. Jules Etienne) –Your Love Away [Live At Robert Johnson]
14. Space Dimension Controller – Down In Sector H [Clone Royal Oak]
15. David Hasert – Ratata [Low Hanging Fruit]
16. Eamon Harkin – Species Of Comedy [Argot]
17. Auntie Flo – Sun Ritual II [Huntleys & Palmers]
18. Shift Work – Patience (JD Twitch Edit) [Optimo Music]
19. Temples (UK) – Shelter Song (Justin Robertson Mix) [Heavenly]
20. Prins Thomas – Apne Slusa (Margot Mix) [Rett I Fletta]
21. Ess O Ess – Re-Enter [Ene]
22. Boot & Tax – Occhi Blue [Optimo Trax]
23. Mohn – Saturn (Saschienne Mix) [Kompakt]
24. Trentemøller (feat. Sune Rose Wagner) – Deceive (Club Mix) [In My Room]
25. The Hasbeens – Maybe (Dub) [Bordello A Parigi]
26. Heretic – Soviet [Relish Recordings]

Check his soundcloud for more amazing mixes.