follow the light

Just the exact moment the siberian cold snap is about to hit us, Sanky was here. And if you know Sanky, you know his mixes work as a central heating. They do a great job here. Sanky, originally from the UK, moved to sunny L.A. just a week ago, so we’re more than pleased he found the time to send us this warm greetings postcard. Besides hauling his stuff from his last stop N.Y. to the sunnier side of the states, he’s working on a bunch of edits that hopefully end up on 10“ as „Guilty Treasures Vol.01“ and is looking forward to play the Standard in L.A. and a few small gigs in Ibiza and Love International this summer. I’m pretty sure there’s a lot more going on in Sanky’s life, but listening to this super laid back mix I just love the idea that this is all he does - an edit here and there, playing sundowners at rooftop bars, mediterranean islands or nice festivals.

„The only thing I strive for in the selection and the programming is to create a feeling or sense of journey, a suggested narrative that takes you through moments of loss and love, of familiarity and fear and to possibly allow a moment to reflect and take time for yourself. The music selects have come from diverse places but all feel like a family of lovable miscreants with one night only to revel in each others company.“





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