Monday Mixtape: Tronik Youth

fall into the winter

Unfortunately it’s not happening quite often that you get to hear a mix that’s full on dancefloor, keeps you moving and shaking over its whole playtime, but is far away from the boring Techhouse stuff you usually get to hear on your average dancefloor. Stuff like today’s monday mixtape by Neil Parnell a.k.a. Tronik Youth that hits the borders of modern dance music. May it be the oriental infused opener or acidish, trippy, wavey, discoid, robotic and poppy segments - it keeps going, sucks you in and it all makes sense. That’s what he and his label NEIN records stands for. The leftfield part of the disco.

The label boss, DJ and producer has released over 75 remixes for Headman, Chromeo or The Gossip jsut to name a few and 25 singles over the last decade, with current singles “Splinter of the Mind’s Eye” and “The Healer” to much critical acclaim. His third and final single from his debut album “ Youth is Wasted on The Young” and another stand out single „Losing My Mind“ featuring the drumming talents of Factory Floor’s Gabe Gurnsey have just hit the streets, second featuring remix duties by Rodion (who we’re honoured to have in our mix series soon) and Days of Being Wild head honcho and Club Bizarre co-founder Samuel Berdah.

Tronik Youth also hosts the regular Nein records flagship radio show on Cowbell, featuring a special guest mix. The show is already fast becoming a popular place for world premieres and a hub for social media frenzy. The album “Youth is Wasted on the Young” is out now.

Sorry, no tracklisting for Neil’s superb mix, but we could give you the hints of Fairmont, Zombies In Miami, Cannibal Ink, Acid Arab and the Rodion remix of Tronik Youth’s new single was thrown in there for a good cause. Enjoy!


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