plurality mix

Little is known about the enigmatic project Venn so far - but it’s a safe bet this’ll change once and for all as soon as the trio’s second EP will drop on August 5 via their own label RUNE.

Unlike their first EP, which was the result of friends exchanging and celebrating very diverse musical backgrounds while regularly playing in one room, the new material was written and more than often conceived as the group spread between two cities - London and Berlin. Produced by Lodown favorite Kristian Craig Robinson aka Capitol K “RUNE002“ is showcasing an impressive flirt with many different genres once again, resulting in an enduring 4track EP that’s far from being a random collection of ideas but a coherent, intelligent and heavily alluring dance under a different kind of mirrorball. So, yeah, it doesn’t really surprise that Venn’s entry to our Monday Mixtape series was handled with a similar assured sense of style. Check it out below... and don’t forget to sink your teeth into their great statement of intent as well.

“Each one an actor for everyone else, and possessive in return, with invented enemies and invented friends. All present and trading false promises. The occasional connection captured and cherished. If urbanity is a school of selfish and divergent atoms, Through welcoming the attitude that a total understanding of our particular human chaos is impossible, living becomes palpably more bearable; even joyous. Our today is infinitely complex. Consider the possibility of difference and that you could be the condition and the cure, simultaneously. Accept that you are a smaller part of it all. Position yourself within it, before this is conscripted with malice. Remember that living is only a fiction until consequences are suffered, and that words are to be read as advice, not dogma.

In acceptance of this, the meat of the matter can be bled of the small stories that make up a big mess. Abandon a simple narrative and succumb to plurality. Examine, extrapolate, and superimpose these fragments to create a meaningful constellation. It is song as story; it is we three, sometimes four, scratching our runes into a bedroom mirror.

And you needn’t doubt our sincerity. We peddle in lies and our own specific miseries elsewhere, apart. As distinct totems of agency we rarely agree, but our story, and our form, is borne of the fertile greyness between genesis and possessive atrophy. Our geographical dispersal is neither welcome nor unwelcome, and our smallness is intentional. This respite is as crucial to the formation of our song as the convergence. Something wonderful must be sought and captured, because what is the other option, really?

Seek your position, commit as much of yourself as can be lost, and do not allow yourself be strangled by the hands of the dead.“ (VENN, 2016)