Monday Mixtape & Video Premiere: jacuzzi general

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To be honest: until just a few weeks ago we never heard of that guy called Jacuzzi General. We don't know about how much of a stir he already caused in his home environment of Scotland, but he definitely made some big waves with his debut EP “Dreams of The Tropics” and especially „Pool Shark“ as it suddenly appeared as a constant fave in the sets of Red Axes, Simple Symmetry, Marvin & Guy and Daniele Baldelli, just to name a few. (What a Jacuzzi that would be!)

Jacuzzi General, Aaron to his mom and friends, is an electric musican who specialises in pleasure soaked dance music. Based in Edinburgh the General fuses his love for hydrotherapy, eastern folk and nu-disco to create a luxurious musical wonderland. 

With VICE declaring it “One of the most interesting November Premieres” and DJ MAG noting the track Eurostar as a “arpeggiated gem” - this debut is strongly worth a dip.

As we soon found out, he’s also doing great mixes, so we had to ask. And he delivered:


01 Familiar Five - Marcus Maar
02 Switchdance - Limbo Walker 
03 Cosi Cosi - Rouge Mécanique
04 Overawed - Force Majeure
05 Get a Room! - Ecuador
06 Ikea - Jacuzzi General 
07 Pool Shark - Jacuzzi General
08 Lose My Rhythm - Desert Sound
09 Prelude - Jacuzzi General 
10 A Strange Light From The East (Khidja's Peruvian Mix) - Anatolian Weapons 
11 Idra ft. Perel - Marvin & Guy
12 Too Much Fun In The Temple Of Doom - Simple Symmetry 
13 Just Atmosphere - FYI Chris
14 Mutant Disco - Maceo Plex feat Maars


So much for your ears, but as you're just staring onto a screen - here’s also something for your eyes: a Lodown exclusive video premiere of „Dreams Of The Tropics“.



Yep, always good to have a jacuzzi in December.


Buy „Dreams Of The Tropics“ (out December 7th on Paradise Palms) here: Bandcamp


And keep track on the General’s movements here:


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