monday mixtape: WHITE WINE

Falling in and out of the cracks of genres

The boredom of getting what's expected. White Wine did a mix for the unexpected for the few things in music that don't proof what they promise.

Knock knock, White Wine got a proper package for you: They are about to release the infamous LP “Killer Brilliance” on Altin Village & Mine, premiered the Video for “Falling From The Same Place”, delivered an eclectic Monday Mix “Falling in and out of the cracks of genres” and frontman Joe Haege gave us more insights below. 

“There's so much complexity in life and human emotion that I have a hard time feeling convinced a song is always either happy, sad, melancholic, angry or scared. I look at these emotions like elements that are constantly colliding with each other, so it's my duty as a songwriter to reflect that. I want to fall in and out of the cracks of genres, finding the nerves not yet hit. It's usually in the disturbing part of the spectrum…”


. Please introduce yourself.

Joseph T Haege, expat American of German and Scottish descent living in Germany. I play guitar, piano, samples, drums, random crap and vocals. I spend a lot of time alone and eat a lot of müsli. 

. What were the influences and challenges to produce the new record?

Lyrically and thematically, I became quite obsessed with all the different ways in which human beings have become genius at creating our own demise. It can run the range of the ingenious invention of plastic and how it now threatens to consume the planet to something like the brilliant craftsmanship and science involved with designing a gun. There’s a brilliance in the ways humans have and do kill. 

. Is the apocalypse close? Do you see the darkness as necessary contrast to be able to reflect and to appreciate the good times?

You know, I’d be lying if said things seem ok. Sometimes it does feel right around the corner. However, I try to remind myself to compensate for the effect of living in an unprecedented time for information being almost unavoidable. The unending stream of bleak news that can hit you the second you are online is staggering. 
There is definitely something to be said for one’s appreciation of the good times  after some form of darkness has been experienced or discovered in one’s life. I think you can never appreciate things the same way again. For me, though, I’ve always used music as my release valve to kind of shed some of those thoughts and feelings. It’s like a long and elaborate yelling match with myself in a car alone, except I left the windows open and I’m in a packed parking lot.

. Please tell us more about the double meanings in your lyrics and society.

I am an admitted addict of double meanings. It all started with a book by Don Delillo, called Libra. He had this sentence “A word is also a picture of a word”. I couldn’t stop going round and round in my head with that. It permanently altered the way I write lyrics. I think another classic is the classic “This too shall pass”. (Google tells me: Its origin has been traced to the works of Persian Sufi poets, such as Sanai and Attar of Nishapur). I was always told this as a kid or young adult when bad things happened, but never good moments. I’ve always been fascinated that it is a very neutral and open ended observation of time and state of existing. There’s no “good or bad” to it. So, it became an important tool for me to always be willing to flip certain thinking on it’s head. 

. What are your favorite books?

“Corrections” and Purity by Jonathan Franzen,  “People Like You” by Margaret Malone, “White Noise” by Don Delilo , “A Field Guide To Getting Lost”, Rebecca Solnit. There is a lot more though. I wish I would read more, but I can only read in the bath tub. 

. Top 5 Killer Movies?

Oh boy. I might have to take a pass on this one. I’ll recommend anyone that wants to be terrified to see “The Audition” directed by Takashi Miike. I’ve been too much into documentaries to be on top of this question. 

. What is thrilling, exciting or scaring you?

Shit, I’m terrified by the amount of consumer products in the world. I’m excited by the unexpected. It’s a thrill when some rich person who thinks they can pay their way for doing whatever they want gets caught and they realize they are not superhuman. That doesn’t happen enough though. 

All-time fave records?

“Village Green Preservation Society” by the Kinks,
“Hunky Dory” by Bowie,
Sonata per violino e pianoforte n.1, written by Henry Cowell,
“Rid Of Me” by PJ Harvey, 
“3 feet high and rising” by De La Soul,  
“Mingus Plays Piano” by Charles Mingus,
“Big Science” Laurie Anderson

. Five essential items you own?

back pack, blanket, water bottle, tooth brush, belt

. If you would have one wish to be fulfilled for the future, which one would it be?

To find exceptional Thai food in Leipzig. 

. On which projects are you working? 

Well, I have very few hobbies other than making music. So, I’ve already started writing for the next record. I’m also trying to re-edit my acting reel and attempting to do more acting again on this side of the pond.