Monos Cωtos: PERSONA

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Monos Cωtos: PERSONA
As part of the program for the Berlin Art Week (13-17 September 2023), URBAN SPREE present a new series of works by the Greek painter and muralist Monos Cωtos as well as a series of collaborative paintings with Barba Dee.

The Vernissage will be held of Friday 08.09 from 18:00 to 22:00 in presence of both artists.

Monos Cωtos (pronounced Monos Sotos, born 1985 in Greece) started his career as a graffiti and street artist before graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in Athens. Besides his studio practice, he has been very active in paintings murals in abandoned factories across Greece with his crew OSK.

As part of the exhibition, we will be showing the award-winning documentary movie "Outer Space Kids" (29', 2018) from Director George Gounezos for the first time in Germany.


As part of our Black Room display, we are showing 7 collaborative paintings created together in Athens by Monos Cωtos and Barba Dee under the title "LIVE YOUR MYTH IN".


Using colorful, touristic and playful motives, juxtaposed with Monos' achromatic signature style, the duo explores the clash between the official slogan of the Greek Tourism Board 'Live Your Myth In" and the realities of a tourism in Greece which is often oversaturated. And beyond the surface and the cliché, appears a more subtle approach to contemporary Greece.

"LIVE YOUR MYTH IN". opens together with "PERSONA" on September 8th from 18:00 to 22:00 at Urban Spree.


Urban Spree Galerie - Revaler Str. 99 - 10245 Berlin