Charity Berlin

MOTIF is a charity collaborative design project with a roster of internationally renowned creative studios to design a limited range of one-off backpacks with profits donated to the homeless of Berlin. 

Curated by Tobias Faisst, the MOTIF series of products will be presented at Berlin Fashion Week, ZWEIDREI RAUM gallery, Berlin-Kreuzberg. The backpacks will be auctioned online, exclusively for a fortnight from the exhibition launch. Proceeds will be donated to Streem - art & culture streetmag, a contemporary art, design and street magazine that supports the homeless in Berlin.



3. Juli 18:00 - 22:00

Zwei Drei Raum

Gitschiner Strasse 20-22, 10969 Berlin


Participating Studios:

44flavours Berlin • 44flavours

Atrois Studio Paris • Atrois Studio

Badesaison Zurich • Badesaison

Bielke&Yang Oslo • Bielke&Yang

Binger Laucke Siebein Berlin • Binger Laucke Siebein

Bureau David Voss Leipzig • David Voss

Cee Cee Creative Berlin • Cee Cee Creative

Dinamo Typefaces Basel • Dinamo

Eps51 Berlin • Eps51

Erich Brechbühl Lucerne • Erich Brechbühl

Fons Hickmann m23 Berlin • Fons Hickmann m23

Gold & Wirtschaftswunder Stuttgart • Gold & Wirtschaftswunder

Grilli Type Zurich • Grilli Type

Hort Berlin • HORT / After School Club

Hugo & Marie New York • Hugo & Marie

Jonathan Castro Lima • Jonathan Castro

Koos Breen The Hague • Koos Breen

Leif Podhajsky London • Leif Podhajsky

M.Willis Sydney • Michael Willis

Mainstudio Amsterdam • MAINSTUDIO

Maximilian Mauracher Berlin • Maximilian Mauracher

Moby Digg Munich • Moby Digg

Neo Neo Geneva 

PIN Systems St. Gallen 

Plus Murs Studio Nantes • Plus Mûrs

Präsens Büro Lucerne • Präsens Büro

Rimasùu Studio Paris • Rimasùu Studio

Spassky Fischer Paris 

Studio Amanda Haas Berlin • Studio Amanda Haas

Studio Feixen Lucerne • Studio Feixen

Studio Maurice Másson Hamburg 

Studio Ponto Amsterdam • Ponto

Studio von Monkiewitsch Cologne • Studio von Monkiewitsch

Studio Yukiko Berlin • Y U K I K O

Sucuk und Bratwurst Mainz • Sucuk und Bratwurst

Tobias Faisst Berlin • Tobias Faisst 

Tobias Rechsteiner Berlin • Tobias Rechsteiner

TRAUM INC London • Traum Inc