Mr. Bingo

advent calendar

You obviously know London-based illustrator Mr. Bingo through his hilarious-as-fuck “Hate Mail“ project, which transformed from a book into an exhibition then into a rap vid before it ended up as the definite collection, which showcased 156 of his favourite works, picked from over 1000 insulting postcards he sent to strangers. And now he's offering you just the right tool to celebrate a very special xmas.

Fuck chocolate. A group of naked people slowly revealing themselves over the duration of a month is so much better (IMO). Treat yourself in December by removing a different humans clothes each day. Each person is numbered (1-24) and their clothes are printed with a rub removable opaque gold ink (or in layman's terms - that stuff you get on scratch cards). All calendars arrive flat in a super tough unbendable folder. I actually nerded out on the packaging and I'm so pleased with it I’ve even included a fucking photo of it.“

297mm x 420mm (A3) / Hand screenprinted (4 layers) / All hand signed by Mr Bingo.

Get your hands on one over here.