Mural festival

four-day-party in Montreal

Montreal’s summer is known (among other things) for its unsustainable heat, its eye candy girls everywhere in the streets, and its festivals. That being said, if most of them are all about mass culture, we found one that suits us perfectly:  The Mural festival.

For their second edition, the Mural Festival stopped all traffic on Montreal’s biggest street and decided to threw a four-day-party including film screenings, tons of live music, and beautiful people that are ready to dance, have a beer and enjoy the art. Twenty graffiti artists were asked to paint on separate walls while international and local DJs/producers were making the crowd dance. Muralists had absolutely no rule to follow - they were free to do whatever they wanted and go completely crazy.  

What it so great about this festival is that it is aiming to democratize urban art. Unfortunately, most of the (local) people still aren’t accustomed to this culture, and they usually label graffiti as a malicious mischief. Thanks to MURAL and the Meg peeps for the win-win situation where artists are allowed to create and festival-goers get the chance to familiarise themselves with this significant part of (pop) culture. Also, bonus points: Montreal has now new pimp walls!!!!!