Naives and Visionaries

selfpublishing artist

After ten happy years of ShakeYourTree, Florian Bayer, Manuel Bürger and Sebastian Haslauer founded a new small but nice publishing house: Naives and Visionaries. Compared to SYT, Naives and visionaries goes for more & faster publications - and so shortly before christmas, you can find 10 pretty publications at the grand opening on 


Sebastian Haslauer - 111 AAA 666 :-)
111 AAA 666 :-) deals with the interrelations of church and state, in the past and today. It examines the mechanisms of capitalism, islam, christianity and their similarity. And as the language of religion and political systems is a language of signs and symbols, Sebastian Haslauer articulates his thoughts in solely visual manner. Comes with a small explanation-map.

Nico Krijno - blou denim fitzcarraldo
Cape Town based photographer Nico Krijno grew up in a small town in South African's semi desert Karroo. His work connects carefully composed iconography with ephemeral, maybe profound moments collected in "drive-by-shootings".

Manuel Bürger - Vernacular Abstraction
Dilettante Sacralization & Inspiring Mimesis of Information Architecture and Design Vernacular Abstraction describes the phenomenon of obscure information architecture (IA) in the ambience of exhibition spaces – best found in forgotten archeology museums or similar venues. Obscure in terms of recognizing the initial ideas and strategies of the responsible designer, turning into a cabinet of curiosities through an act of (unintentional) abstraction…

Sebastian Haslauer - Future Primitives
A high quality set of 9 postcards with collages by the preeminent Sebastian Haslauer.