New Albums

spring break edition #1

CAVERN OF ANTI-MATTER : hormone lemonade : Duophonic Records (23.03.18)
The project’s quasi-debut “Void Beats/Invocation Trex“ was one of 2016 best kept secrets, a fantastic collection of tracks that channeled the pulse of krautrock and transformed it into something entirely their own. Two years later “Hormone Lemonade“ continues the band’s exploration of loose yet multi-layered jams, high on experimentation via self-constructed rhythm machines, vintage synths and sequencers sans the occasional flirt with pop, which made their previous album such a subtle crowd pleaser. 8/10

HINDS : i don’t run : Lucky Numbers (06.04.18)
How do you follow-up on an album that basically consisted of hits only? In the case of irresistible Madrid-based quartet Hinds, it’s an easy answer: you deliver more of the same fuzzy garage pop, and just reduce all anthemic elements to a minimum this time around in order to leave more room for the subtle and introspective components while still keeping the general wooziness - which made “Leave Me Alone“ such an instant success - intact. 7.5/10

FAHRLAND : Mixtape Vol. 1 : Kompakt (13.04.18)
Remember the times when electronic music was this free-floating beast? When pop and dance and ambient and funk references were equal partners to a fundamental passion for the rather obscure? When a constantly shape-shifting sound universe wasn’t connected to arbitrariness but to a fully-formed creative spirit? Well, Alexander Geiger’s return under a new moniker after an eight-year hiatus pays tribute to exactly that - and the result hardly couldn’t be a more satisfying one. 8.75/10



DANIEL AVERY : song for the alpha : Phantasy (06.04.18)
The long-awaited sophomore album of London based DJ/producer Avery expands the sonic spectrum he introduced with “Drone Logic“, resulting in the logical conclusion that he’s getting less and less interested in those wannabe collective hands-in-the-air moments for the sake of exploring a kind of otherworldly, deep and way more introspective take on clubland (and beyond). 9/10

ARMS AND SLEEPERS : find the right place : Pelagic Records (13.04.18)
Not too long ago Arms And Sleepers, together with bands/projects such as Lymbyc Systym, The Album Leaf and Her Space Holiday, delivered pitch-perfect geek-boy music as they provided a musical link between post-rock, electronica, indie and backpack rap, fed by an unconditional love for aural experimentation. After eleven years, it’s still easy to immediately like the duo’s music - which sounds a lot bigger and more thought-out compared to their early years - but the impact it once had is a comprehensively smaller one these days. But maybe that’s just me. 6.5/10

AERA : the sound path : Permanent Vacation (06.04.18)
Ralf Schmidt’s debut album for Permanent Vacation under his Aera alias is basically showcasing his confidence as a producer, as he’s jauntily oscillating between balearic, ambient, new age and clubland. That “The Sound Path“ nevertheless presents itself as a very coherent and highly enjoyable affair serves as evidence to the ever-increasing skill-set of the Berlin-based DJ/producer. The perfect record to shorten the time before you can finally enjoy your first drink in the sun. 7/10