new Oddisee


Oddisee just premiered the video for “Caprice Down“, from his current album “The Beauty in All“.
Featured in the video are Juice, E.C. and ManMan, members from Hammer City, a skate collective from Long Beach California.
The crews founder, a skater named Michael Green A.K.A Blacc Mike was gunned down in 2005 over a case of mistaken Identity. Needless to say, 14th Street is not a conducive environment for skating, drugs and gangs shadow the landscape but in the middle of it all the kids found an escape: they found refuge in a park they dubbed "Ghetto Park" which later became known as "The Michael K. Green Skate Park."

Director Jeremy Ian Thomas was also involved in the independent hip-hop scene and released two albums under the moniker “Surreal“. He attended the Los Angeles Film School in 2007 and has been working in the industry ever since.

Producer James Cheeks also directed an award-winning film about Hammer City and the 14 Street skate park called "On The Grind".