white men at HVW8

HVW8 Gallery Berlin is pleased to present THE NEW YESTERDAY, a group exhibition featuring the artists: 

44 Flavours, Sebastian Haslauer, Daniel M Thurau, Sascha Missfeldt, Stefan Rinck, Jaybo Monk and SuperBlast. 

The ever changing landscapes, physical and psychological, shifting to new manifestations. Resting for a singular moment, to transform into another the next. How does it feel to make this first step into the unknown. The uncertain that lies ahead and how do we react to it, in a leap of faith. The artist is by nature repeating this process, with every new work. It becomes a part of the process. Selected works from the artists’ most recent series are shown together for the first time. And we´re off to new beginnings.

44 Flavours (Sebastian Bagge & Julio Rölle)

is a Berlin-based artist duo, have been working together since 2003. Their artistic activities include painting, ceramics, sculptures, prints and objects. 

Sebastian Haslauer

is a Berlin-based artist, born 1982 Ostfildern/Ruit. Known for his paintings, collage work and sculptural ceramic works. Haslauer has already participated in various international group and solo exhibitions.

Daniel M. Thurnau

is a Berlin-based artist, born 1974 Köthen/Anhalt. He works far away from trends in a room full of arthistorical painting references, but still manages to keep a mulidimentional experimental field open.

Sascha Missfeldt

is a Berlin-based artist, born 1985 in Mölln, Germany. He studied communications design in Lübeck. Missfeldt has already participated in various group exhibitions.

Stefan Rinck

is a Berlin-based visual artist, born in 1973 in Homburg/Saar. Rinck studied Art History and Philosophy at the Universität des Saarlandes in Saarbrücken and Sculpture at the Academy of Arts in Karlsruhe. He has had several gallery and museum exhibitions.

Jaybo Monk

is a French born 1963 artist, based in Berlin. With his store of memories he explores the world and draws an emotional topography of his life. He had several soloshows around the globe.

SuperBlast (Manuel Osterholt)

is a Berlin-based artist, born in Heidelberg 1976. He creates artwork themed around psychological archetypes, fictional mythologies and his personal utopia. Beside solo and group exhibitions, he painted murals on almost all continents.

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