Nicolas Michaux


“Is this a terminal world or just crippling entertainment?“

Just when you thought that the state of the world could not get any worse, a year like 2020 comes along to prove you significantly wrong. Belgian artist Nicolas Michaux just released a new vid - accompanying the third teaser for his forthcoming album “Amour Colere“ - that’s basically a full frontal sensual attack, underlining that mankind has evidently lost its natural balance somewhere along the way.

Michaux’s music is an always evolving affair, as he’s merging classic European and American singer-songwriter structures with a pinch of 60s rock, funk and early new wave to impressive results.

The video was realized by celebrated artist Yoann Stehr (remember last year’s genius “À Corpse“?). Nicolas Michaux’s sophomore album “Amour Colere“ will be out this September via Capitane Records.

“Listen to the words the parrot says and try to repeat“