No74 X Terranova

limited edition “Headache EP” Package

No74, Terranova and Kompakt Records just announced the release of the second No74 x Terranova collaboration – a limited edition product package to celebrate the recent release of the Terranova Headache EP. The Headache EP package will be released on the 8th of May, comes in a run of 74 and will be exclusively sold through No74 on Torstrasse.

This limited edition contains a sweatshirt bearing the EP’s cover art designed by Berlin artist Marc Brandenburg, and a 12” pressing of the Headache EP. Marc Brandenburg a Berlin native and long time friend of Terranova contributes by offering another artwork that captures the whimsy and grit that helped give birth to the Berlin club scene.
Headache brings to the listener a densely textured collection of highly addictive beats, after the sublime sophistication of the Painkiller EP (KOMPAKT 262) the new material pushes the spectrum back into more rugged club territory, showcasing the sort of sonic urgency and rawness the legendary Terranova project has become known for in the first place. Kompakt as a label has been linking the past, present and future of house and techno sound for over fifteen years and continues to do so with Terranova’s latest release.