No Comply - Actually a term from the skateboard world, which fits perfectly to the self-assured attitude of the Hip Hop scene as well as to the tough attitude of G-SHOCK. If MCs had not begun to pick up microphones and DJs and producers would not have been sampling, Rap music would never have emerged. And if the inventor of G-SHOCK had always acted according to the seemingly prescribed rules - there would be no G-SHOCK today. Instead, the toughest watch brand will celebrate its 35th anniversary next year. The journey begins here and now. At the start of the 35th Anniversary campaign, G-SHOCK publishes a limited edition version of the GA-710GB black and gold model. The "No Comply" model is limited to 500 pieces. The watch comes in a numbered box with laser-engraved inlay and embossed logo. In addition there is the exclusive NOCOMPLY-Bandana and a postcard set with the best campaign motifs.

The launch of the No Comply campaign took place on April 8th in Hamburg. In front of a sold out backdrop, the Berlin-based rappers Megaloh and Trettmann set the stage of the legendary Mojo Club on fire and shook the audience with their skills.

The no comply is a skateboarding trick that was invented by John Lucero, and then named and popularized by skater Neil Blender in the 1980s. Due to skatboarders nonconformism, tricknames like these were often submitted. The No Comply has never gone out of fashion, just like G-SHOCK - also invented in the 80’s with a mind adrift from the norm - now borrowing this term and give its raw attribute to the new GA-710GB release.  The 35th Anniversary of G-SHOCK is near...  and this is the first instalment.