Nudie Jeans

long john sakura selvage

If you think about it, there actually are a lot less universal truths than people made you believe over the years. One certainly is though - at least for the people inhabiting the northern hemisphere - that after months spent with a minimum of sunlight you simply can't wait for spring to happen. In Göteborg for example, the surest sign of spring is the cherry blossoms of Järntorget... and the short period of cherry blossoms in Japan simply isn't only a spectacle staged by mother nature but a socially one as well, as it's understood as a symbol of renewal and giving love.

Gothenburg based Nudie Jeans is now giving a seasonal bow through the release of a limited edition titled “Long John Sakura Selvage“, which was created by the company's creative director Maria Erixon. Made with their finest Japanese Kaihara stretch selvage denim, Sakura Selvage features a cherry blossom pink embroidery on the back pocket stitching, and is limited to a capsule of only 1000 pieces. Each style is presented with an organic cotton Sakura handkerchief and tote bag - featuring a custom print of Järntorget where the springtime love can be seen and felt.

In Germany this very special capsule collection is available exclusively in Frankfurt's “The Listener“ and Berlin's “14oz“, as well as instore through a limited number of select retailers worldwide since March 2. Needless to say these will sell fast, so try your best to get your hands on one of these beauties and spread some love.