ORIGINS: Matthew Dear

brought to you by Resident Advisor and Sonos

In the fourth edition of their film series with SONOS, the Ghostly International co-founder takes us back to the small ranch town where it all started.

If there's one thing that sets Matthew Dear apart as an electronic artist, it's his gift for singing and songwriting—not the most common skill-set for someone who came up in Detroit's techno scene. Starting in the late '90s, Dear made a name for himself with blistering club tracks on Ghostly International (the label he started with Sam Valenti IV), but it was his voice, lyrics and swagger as a frontman that would later make him such a unique icon. The source of this talent goes back even further than Detroit to Dear's childhood home in Kingsville, Texas, where his father, also a professional musician, taught him to sing and play guitar. In this episode of ORIGINS, Dear heads to Kingsville for the first time in over a decade to revisit spots from his childhood and "pick some guitar" with his dad. "I wanna see some places I used to go," he says. "What is nostalgia, what is real, what are my memories worth?"

Playlist curated by Matthew Dear

The rich mosaic of Matthew Dear's influences sets the tone for the Bedroom. Pulling together everything from classic rock to contemporary drone music, Dear's playlist makes for an introspective late-night listen..