OX In Cologne


This April, Cologne has become richer for a set of street interventions executed by OX, one of the most influential culture jammers today. OX was commissioned to take over ten billboards in specific locations in Cologne and to make an artistic impact in his own manner where it is not expected.

This action was conducted during the second week of April 2017 as an ephemeral project, following the original artistic path marked by OX.

As announced by the artist himself, the series of ten Cologne billboards are stylistically akin to his previous work, while worksinteract with the environment in different ways. The recognisable geometry and graphism correspond with the city’s landscape, which served as an inspiration to the artist. OX is known as a billboard hijacker, an artist who endeavors in illicit interventions in the public space. The commission of ten Cologne billboards, therefore, puts the artist in a new role, challenging him to think through the restrictions and stay true to his outdoor practice.

“My main goal is to create a moment of discontinuity with the common surroundings. I use billboard, which is normally used to deliver a message - but I utilize it to transmit emotions by replacing advertisements with absurd, decorative and ironic images."

Following the essential postulates of Street Art, these billboard artworks are ephemeral in nature, made with hope to leave a deeper, thought-provoking mark on the observer with the aesthetic of shock the artist employs.

10 Cologne Billboards are now installed in the following locations:

Alpener Str./Venloer Str. quer, 50825 Köln

Sechzigerstr, Nähe Liebigstr., 50733 Köln Nippes

Hans-Schulten-Str./Olpener Str., 51109 Köln Brück

Höninger Weg/Eifelwall, 50969 Köln Innenstadt

Hahnenstr./Rondorfer Hauptstraße. 9, 50997 Rondorf

Schanzenstr./Carlswerkstr., 51063 Köln Mülheim

Siegburger Str. geg. 195, 50679 Köln Deutz

Geestemünder Str. 46 re., 50735 Köln Niehl

Nieder Kirchweg 62, 50733 Köln Nippes

Liverpooler Platz/City-Center 1. Stock, 50765 Köln Chorweiler

Date of removal remains unknown.