Parmigiano Depot


When we see a spray can today, it is more likely that graffiti murals come to our minds, than fences or auto parts to be painted. Originally developed for more DIY-convenience, the tool was utilized by youth culture to visualize its existence and from there had a global visual impact on society. First making its way from street culture into art galleries, before being taken from high culture to popular culture and into fashion, video games, interior, etc. 

Set up as a microblogging platform, Tumblr today is predominantly used by a young target group (+50% visitors under age 25) for re-blogging huge amounts of visual contents (+83 bn posts). Being an important part of every contemporary youth culture, Tumblr - just like the spray can - allows its users to visualize their existences and identities in a public space. 

Parmigiano Depot represents the impact of both tools on youth and popular culture. Documenting the progress of graffiti and neighboring fields with more than 2.000 posts in the past 20 months, the blog collective now brings their blog to our temporary gallery space. 3D-reblogging the work of ten artists and 100 heavy-liked posts. 

Open June 27th - July 13th. Thursday - Saturday 5pm-8pm.

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