Planet Ardbeg

Ronald Wimberly, Emma Ríos and Sanford Greene

A new graphic novel brings three of the world’s best independent comic artists Ronald Wimberly, Emma Ríos and Sanford Greene together to join forces to create a visually stunning 40-page book for Ardbeg, one of the world’s finest whisky makers.

Inspired by cult ’70s comics like Métal Hurlant and Heavy Metal, and made in collaboration with indie publisher TCO London, Planet Ardbeg comprises three original sci-fi tales based on Ardbeg’s signature whiskies, with each artist bringing their own unique style to their storytelling.

Sanford Greene’s “Guardians of Oa” is an action-packed epic about a copper city coming under attack from a monstrous creature;


Ronald Wimberley’s “The Best Laid Schemes” is a fast-paced neo-western featuring giant botanicals and even bigger beasts;


and “Take it with a Grain of Sand” by Emma Rios recounts a mystical quest through a land lost to time.


Colin Gordon, Ardbeg’s Distillery Manager, said: “It’s amazing to see the different smoky characteristics of these whiskies brought to life in graphic novel form. Each story in Planet Ardbeg is brimming with imagination and creativity. It’s a must-read for Ardbeg fans everywhere.”

Ronald Wimberly, who also served as creative director on Planet Ardbeg, said: “Planet Ardbeg is a response to the magazines that were doing that sort of radical science fiction back in the ’70s. Ardbeg has its own funky, weird vibe – and these magazines were funky and weird.”

Planet Ardbeg will be available to buy at the Ardbeg Distillery Visitor Centre, in selected comic book shops, as well as via in certain markets. A digital version will also be available exclusively for members of the Ardbeg Committee to read for free at