Proud 2Be A Sticker


By organizing the storage for the Lodown shop I came across two copies of the excellent Proud 2Be A Sticker Book. The book was published by Matteo Sola for Slam Jam in 2006 and is sold out in the meantime. Ten years is a long time in our fast paced digital world and images or even traces of the release are quite hard to come by. Witness some insights within these snapshots.

Following up the Proud 2BeA Flyer, which contains an enormous amount of rare and vintage flyers, the second book is all about the collectible and sticky items. The stickers that were made to give a way, to be inserted in magazines to spread your statements, or were simply made for fun but too good to be concealed, are all in here. Many of them are associated with a genuine independency, they exist for what they say without asking for help. As is title there are proud to be what they are. The collections are sorted by brands, magazines, outsiders and heads, from the 80s Stüssy designs to Alife to even some of the oldest Lodown Sticker designs. 

Grab a last copy here!