money & bricks

Hipsters and organic coffee are only the tip of the iceberg. PUSH is an upcoming documentary film from Fredrik Gertten that plunges its hands into the mess of the world’s housing crisis in its greatest cities: London, New York, Hong Kong, Toronto... The poison is far beyond gentrification. With insightful, multi-layered perspectives and testimonies from experts and victims, PUSH is shining a call to action. Lights blazing.

"...When you treat housing like a commodity, you don’t hear these stories. There’s no venue for humans in those discussions. It’s my opinion, those kinds of one-sided, human-free dialogues are why we’ve ended up where we are now. We’re not doing a legal analysis with this film, and I’m not trying to be a lawyer in this moment, but the heart of human rights goes directly to people and their stories. These stories and shared experiences help us to define and identify things that are assaults on human dignity."

Now screening in cities around the globe, check the trailer below.