20th Anniversary edition

Back in 2012, a new label named Get On Down upped the ante in the reissue game with their still-buzzed-about Raekwon The Chef Only Built 4 Cuban Linx “Purple Tape Cassette Box.” The ultra-deluxe set, which was limited to 1,000 copies, created enough worldwide demand to crash the label’s website three times and sold out within 48-hours. As Get On Down promised, the “Cassette Box” has never been reprinted, and those who missed out have lamented it to this day.

Three years later, in the fall of 2015, Get On Down has teamed up with Raekwon to create a new tribute to the album, to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the legendary MC’s classic, RZA-produced debut.

In order to keep it true to the essence of hip-hop in 1995, the deluxe set will – yet again – be offered only on cassette! Head over to their website for more detailed info on the different boxes available.