Saft is back

Saft is back and invites you to Schrippinski (Ziegrastraße 11, 12057 Berlin) this time aroundOne room, good drinks and selected music by 

live: Automatenfall
Automatenfall is an approach from Gabriel Castillo and M.S. Montellano, an space in Berlin where music improvisation and sound experimentation take place. It´s a collaborative project with the participation of different musicians and artists that meet without any compositional pretension and by which they record, document and select the video and sound material here exposed.

dj: Monday
Monday lays down an incredible journey through all walks of sub-cultural dance music. Constantly on the hunt for inspiring sounds, both new and old, his efforts are immediately reflected in the wide range of sounds that can be heard on the dancefloor, wherever he plays. From Disco to Post-Punk, from New-Wave to Techno, chances are, you won't have heard anything quite like it.

dj: Menqui (Serious Trouble)
Menqui is a Berlin based dj & digger constantly on the hunt for musical treasures ranging from disco over cosmic, synth pop wave proto house and many other fields. Besides sharing his music from behind the decks he has also been involved in a variety of different projects - f.e. by contributing a remix to Don't DJ's release on Planet Almanac or hosting the 'Larifari' and 'Non Dogma' party series. Rumors are that there might even be a connection to the infamous, yet mysterious 'Serious Trouble' releases. While Menqui's 'Pyramid' mixtape series has added a big exclamation mark to his selections and skills by gaining lots of attention, he also feels at home in a more dancefloor oriented environment.