Sennheiser will be releasing a special edition of its acclaimed MOMENTUM headphones – the HD 1 Wireless celebrating The Pink Floyd Exhibition: “Their Mortal Remains“.  Featuring the charismatic Pink Floyd prism and pearlescent rainbow sheen on the ear cups in tribute to the groundbreaking 1973 classic LP “The Dark Side of the Moon“, the leather covering the stainless steel headband with rainbow colored stitching that mirrors the visual spectrum on the album’s iconic cover. The headphones will be launched to commemorate the first retrospective of the legendary rock band by London’s Victoria and Albert Museum. As the official audio partner of the Pink Floyd Exhibition, Sennheiser has created a fully immersive 3D audio experience that brings to life a rich tapestry of sights, sounds and memorabilia from the band’s extraordinary career for the visitors.

AMBEO 3D - a new dimension in sound
Audio formats have come a long way in the history of sound recordings, starting out with Mechanical analog in 1860, that transcribed the waveform to paper or glass. Today, audiophiles are in it for a treat, as an incredibly immersive 3D experience is awaiting and allows to hear every detail within the performance. AMBEO 3D places the listener inside the soundscape and replicates the direction of sounds and spatial characteristics of a given environment.

A perfect occasion to stimulate your senses in three dimensions might be the current Pink Floyd Exhibition “Their Mortal Remains” at London’s V&A with AMBEO 3D audio technology in action as part of the sound expert’s work. One of the most anticipated elements of the exhibition is a new immersive mix of “Comfortably Numb” from the Pink Floyd Live 8 concert created using Sennheiser’s AMBEO 3D technology in a brand-new format with 25 speakers around and above the listener. The result is an immersive audio sensation unlike anything visitors have experienced before.

“Giving it three dimensions allows the music to breath in a way, that hasn’t been heard before. .. it allows us to bring different elements out. We’re not trying to change what was there, we just try to bring out more of it in the performance. We’re using a vast number of speakers: eight subwoofers, 16 of the full range KH420 monitors, a ground floor of seven full-range plus subs, another ring in four to five meters height of another seven and then we have, what we call, “ the voice of god”, which are two overheads, six meters up with another sub going. So you get a full immersive mix going on. .. Pink Floyd’s Music is a natural fit for immersive, because they’ve been trying to do this since the very beginning. I remember reading that the original disc cut of “Dark Side Of The Moon” was in quadrophonic. They have been attempting to do surround and immersive way before anybody else.” Simon Franglen (Sr. Recording Engineer Abbey Road Studios)

“It’s ear candy! Your ear can be drawn to all kinds of interesting things. It’s like being in a big cathedral and looking around enjoying the space, it’s just like a great cathedral of sound.” - Simon Rhodes (Sr. Recording Engineer Abbey Road Studios)

Pink Floyd’s Nick Mason, who made a return to Abbey Road during the production of the AMBEO 3D mix, commented on the collaboration: "We have been using Sennheiser equipment ever since Pink Floyd started out as a live band and used the MD 409 microphones for our performances, so it is only fitting that they provide the audio experience at our exhibition. Sennheiser has been at the cutting edge of audio technology for a very long time, so we have no doubt that they will help make Their Mortal Remains something special.”