Shōbu Tsuchiya

Open Minded

One of our most favorite illustrator Shōbu Tsuchiya is holding a solo show in Tokyo, if you happen to be there don't be square and drop by.

"In 2013, I started creating OPEN MINDED as a communication tool, that goes beyond the boundaries of people without any knowledge of art, religion, culture, race and tribes.
Those simple, universal characters in yellow, represent joy of life. Initially, it was consisted of yellow figures only, however, the background was gradually being added, to complete the unique world of MIND TOWN. In MIND TOWN, there is scent of fragrant olive throughout the whole year. When the characters' anxiety and anger reach a peak, there appears a giant figure in red, out of nowhere, and parade through the town.
Cultural aspects in MIND TOWN, such as graffiti and fast food, are provided regularly by the visitors from multidimensional universe.
Out of an enormous amount of works from between 2013-2023, 160 pieces were selected, structured and displayed by myself.This is the very first exhibition after I switched my position from a commercial illustrator to a graphic artist."

Shobu Tsuchiya

Born in Buenos Aires, 1963, Shōbu is an illustrator. In 1996, he won the first prize of the yearly award “The Choice.” He works as an ad illustrator for different entities, such as Mori Building, Uniqlo, Kirin Hard Cidre, etcetera. He also presides over Apollo inc., which he founded with Makiko Umeki.