Side By Side

Iriedaily x adidas x 1. FC Union Berlin

Side by side, with each other, for each other!

Under this motto, Bundesliga football club 1. FC Union Berlin, adidas and IRIEDAILY have joined forces and are now launching a very special jersey to support sports and youth culture in Berlin-Köpenick. More precisely: it's about the Köpenick institution Mellowpark, which is located directly opposite the Union Stadium "An der alten Försterei".
The Mellowpark is not only THE place for BMX aficionados in Berlin, but has also been creating creative spaces for young people for decades - making it possible for the youth of today to develop their personality, talents and creativity.

IRIEDAILY created a very special jersey for this good cause, as well as a small streetwear collection in close cooperation with Union Berlin and adidas.

This collab will use part of the proceeds from the sale of the limited-edition jersey to finance the construction of a new skate plaza in Mellowpark. In the future, the new areas will provide space for workshops and projects related to skateboarding, in particular to social initiatives from the south-east of Berlin - true to the motto: "Side by side, with each other, for each other"!

The grande opening of aforementioned skate area will happen on April 30. See you at Mellowpark!

All images by Steffen Grap.