Snowy, Jason Williamson


Midlands MC Snowy has joined forces with fellow Notts luminary Jason Williamson of Sleaford Mods for the release of surprise new, banging single “EFFED“, which is out now via DMY Recordings.

“This song came about because Lenkemz and I have had multiple conversations over the last few years about making a political song that will change the course of public thinking, without being cringey and cliché,” Snowy says. “I was listening to 'English Tapas' by Sleaford Mods one day and thought I'd love to do a song with them, so I just tweeted it. When I got the reply from Jason I was like, ‘Yeah man let's get it done', then it clicked in my head.“

The official video, shot by longtime collaborator Lock Up Rec and directed by Luke Radford and Toby Curson, captures the riotous energy of the track itself, forming a bleak, unflinching portrait of their hometown, Nottingham – a city ravaged by cuts but still standing tall.