Street Boy

Anders Nordlow

“I surprise myself sometimes.”

You most likely never heard of Anders Nordlow, if you’re not living in LA and crossed his path. Anders is very creative, pushes boundaries and plays in his own league.. 

"I sprained and fractured my ankles at the same time, both left and right, and when I healed, I couldn’t do stairs.. I couldn’t take the impact. So I kind of just tried to think of things I could do low to the ground. And I felt like I still wanted to do something different and bigger - not bigger, necessarily, in scale, but bigger in trick selection or unique variations."

Ben Duffy met him during the filming of his first documentary “We Are Skateboarders” and recognized his out of the norm tricks. As Anders progressed Ben started the documentary “Street Boy” and received 76 (!) gigabytes of footage from him.