T. Friendly x Patridge


Lodown readers might call a strong affinity to sneakers their own, but probably not as much as those fans ready to do anything to get a pair of kicks - simply called sneakerheads. To examine the worldwide phenomenon (or: addiction) of sneaker collecting from the streets of Hollywood to downtown Tokyo, the documentary “Sneakerheadz“ delves into a subculture whose proud members don’t just want to admire art, they want to wear it.

Celebrities, designers and unknown persons talk about their collection and their love for kicks in front of the camera of David T. Friendly (probably best known for being the producer of “Little Miss Sunshine”) and Mick Patridge. But the documentary doesn’t show the magic side of being a sneaker fan only, like every kind of addiction there is a dark side that comes along, which furtively makes you losing any kind of control over your habit.

The world premiere took place during the SXSW Film Festival on March 16th.