If there’s a name hailing from Berlin that’s deeply connected to great speakers and impeccable sound, then it certainly is Teufel - your favorite audio products company that’s been around since 1979 already. And just recently, they introduced the portable all-in-one streaming system MOTIV® HOME.

The design of the MOTIV® HOME might be an elegant and rather timeless one, but make no mistake, this beauty is packed with state of the art features: you could either use the WLAN-streaming via platforms such as Spotify Connect, Tidal Connect, Apple Airplay 2 or Chromecast. Radio-heads could use the Tune-In service via the free Teufel Home app in order to save their favorite stations on the streaming system.

What else? There obviously is Bluetooth (with AAC and Line-In suited to adapt external units) as well, there’s individually adjustable intensity on the bass, and an integrated battery that will last up to 15 hours of quality playtime. The sound is just just impressive, to say the least, thanks to four integrated broadband drivers, a 5-inch subwoofer and the in-house developed Dynamore Ultra extension that will guarantee a room-filling, expansive sound.

So, yes, in case there’s still space left on your Christmas wish list: Teufel’s MOTIV® HOME could be just the perfect fit! Available in black and white.