TIME (capsule) & SPACE (ship)

Live Painting Music

Samon Kawamura / Jay „One“ Ramier / Almut Lustig / SuperBlast


7:00 PM OPENING & Performance, DJ, DRINKS + FOOD
10:30 PM AFTERSHOW Dance Bar with DJ Marc Hype and friends.

Klosterstr. 44, 10179 Berlin (Ex-WMF)
Please RSVP here: rsvp@undplus.com
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1:00-6:00 PM EXHIBITION / Meet the artists

A stage. Two musicians. Two artists. What happens when two world class musicians with two artists, in a defined space and meet for a limited time? Both artists have a long history of graffiti writing and are used to these circumstances: To create something out of nothing in a limited time frame. But how does that translate to the stage, with the viewer as the "fourth wall"? Musicians, on the other hand, are used to playing in front of an audience. Only how react in the interaction to painting? A situation on a stage that creates a space in which music and color react with each other. The sounds of the musicians, as well as the resulting painting is developed in-situ and should be understood as an experiment. Each participant has to find his place, rhythm and stroke for himself. How will everyone handle their given time? To put it in the words of fortune cookie: The way counts, not the destination ... but with cold drink.


Samon Kawamura, Berlin. Samon Kawamura is a German-Japanese instrumental hip-hop producer who is under contract with the record label Nesola.

Jay "One" Ramier, Paris. It represents the first generation of graffiti writers in Europe, heavily influenced by the New York scene in the 1980s. In his works, these influences are clearly visible, but have now found a very unique and sensitive language and idiom. Nowadays he is part of international art projects, exhibitions and his works are shown in galleries.

Almut Lustig, Berlin. The drummer and percussionist worked together with composers like Karl-Heinz Stockhausen, Helmut Oehring, Heiner Goebbels, and many more. Her focus, however, is as a musician and composer of theater and dance theater with the choreographer Constanza Macras, Schaubühne Berlin, Berliner Ensemble, Hebbel am Ufer Berlin and orchestral music for example, the orchestra of the Hessian Radio, German Symphony Orchestra Berlin.

SuperBlast, Berlin. SuperBlast also has its roots in graffiti writing. His current work deals with universal mythology and religious iconography. The futuristic imagery in his large-scale murals is characterized by universal, mythological, symbolic shapes and figures. SuperBlast is not only active as an artist for the performance and the exhibition, but is also responsible as curator for the overall concept of the two days.