Top 7 Movies for Music Lovers

Everyone has their addiction. But it doesn't always mean something terrible that destroys people's lives. It can be time at which they spend meaninglessly but entertained, or a work addiction, which can help them reach their goals. And these 7 movies are about people addicted to music and everything related to it.

Almost Famous

William Miller becomes a correspondent for the music magazine Rolling Stone. On assignment from the editorial board, he goes on tour with the band Stillwater, where he encounters the downside of rock 'n' roll - the crisis of fame, hypocrisy and betrayal. The movie celebrates the badass '70s through the story of a young man's coming of age.


Academic music is perhaps the cruelest environment for young musicians. The film tells the story of a promising drummer and his ruthless mentor. The brilliant conductor demands the impossible from the student, and the urge to get better gradually turns into an obsession.

The Blues Brothers

A cult movie about brothers in black suits and sunglasses. Jake and Elwood Blues are trying to raise five thousand dollars to save their home church. Both are in trouble with the law and have many enemies - despite this, the brothers are going to reunite the old band and earn the right amount of money through concerts. Style, surreality and mayhem on the streets of Chicago are accompanied by musical numbers and cameos by famous performers (James Brown, John Lee Hooker, Ray Charles, and Aretha Franklin).

Sounds of Noise

Born into a family of talented musicians, police officer Amadeus Warnebring hates music. All the more ironic is his new assignment to catch a group of eccentric drummers disturbing the peace of the city. Ignoring classical instruments, the rowdy criminals perform a piece on construction equipment, a patient at the local hospital, and the wires of the city's power lines. Investigating a strange case, Amadeus wades through the sounds of noise and discovers new talents.

The Boat That Rocked

A reclusive DJ hides from officials on a ship in the middle of the North Sea. On a 24-hour pirate station, they play rock music, laugh, and swear - while the BBC airs only 2 hours of pop music a week. The story, by the way, is based on a true story.

Only Lovers Left Alive

Adam and Eve have been living the quiet life of vampires for a thousand years. She walks the quiet streets of Morocco's Tangiers, he buys vintage guitars and records brooding baroque music somewhere on the outskirts of Detroit. Occasionally they meet, drink blood together from sumptuous glasses and talk about eternal things. Lebanese singer Yasmine Hamdan appears in one scene, and the main composer of the soundtracks is the Dutch luthier Joseph van Wisse. The music in this film plays as much a role as the aesthetics of the picture.


Michael Fassbender as the eccentric leader of an eccentric pop band. He never takes off his papier-mâché helmet mask, and therefore appears as an extremely mysterious character. The main members of the group are already used to Frank's antics, but the newcomer does not give it peace. The young musician tries to find out what is going on, who Frank is and why he hides his face.