Tour De Force

Old Time Love

The beat maker/producer Jay Spaker aka Double Tiger and Quoc Pham aka DJ Q-Mastah are the production team Tour de Force (TDF). In 2012, they created Dub-Stuy Records as an outlet for their productions and started Echo Chamber, a successful party series in Brooklyn mobilizing bass music and Sound System culture. Inspired by their very impressive and iconic 15,000W custom-built “Tower of Sound”, TDF work relentlessly to champion the culture and craft of Sound Systems in New York and beyond.


TDF just released the "Old Time Love EP" on Dub Stuy Records featuring heartfelt vocals by Jay Spaker. Old Time Love is a soulful yet uptempo track, layering an R&B groove onto heavy dub reggae skank with a hint of dubstep. Spaker’s lyrics are reminiscent of lost love, invoking a dreamy headspace while the driving beat keeps feet dancing. The track is complemented by three remixes from forward-thinking bass music producers Digitaldubs (Brazil), Roommate (USA) and Tour De Force’s own Double Tiger. 

Tune into the exclusive Lodown edit from Tour de Force and some more details delivered by Jay Spaker aka Double Tiger.




Can you tell us, how this EP came about?

The EP came about as we were mixing our full length called, "Battle Cry" due out in next two months, we were listening repeatedly to the tracks and "old time love" seemed to jump at us as a solid first Ep concept.. we wanted to ease the listeners into the TDF sound as much of the upcoming debut album is heavy in contrast the the love themed EP. The guest remixers (Digital Dubs & Roommate) are a great addition to the original version.

How was the sessions like?

In the studio this tune was honestly just an instrumental version I had composed and forgotten about and one day Q heard it and he suggested we throw it on the album and so I set about writing lyrics and voicing. The process was very natural and the lyrical concept and story sort of wrote itself.

Any stories around this track? 

The track is funny enough an ode to the traveling musician who is looking for more substance in the love dept.. haa, something like the ones we used to know.

How does this tune fit in with the rest of the upcoming LP?

The original tune is roots based with a dash of modern production in contrast to the remixes which are modern leaning and targeted to the dance floor.

I bet, that you tested this EP to the fullest on your system..

When Q and I first played this on the system we sort of grinned at each other, I think we were both seeing visions of a sweaty, rammed dance with this tune dropping like a hammer.

What's the bass scene like in Brooklyn anyway? 

So many different shades of the bass scene really, dark dubstep, tropical bass, roots dub and dancehall etc.. A lot of crews and labels old and new doing great things: Deadly Dragon, Reconstruct, Dutty Artz, Tuba, Subverse.. really vibrant and thriving from our point of view.