double bill

The days were Andy Mueller's The Quiet Life was “on and off“ are certainly gone forever - hardly any other player in this segment is dropping regular collections, capsule radness and impressive collaborations at such high frequency than this LA-based brand. 

Last week QL did a limited run of a Cody Hudson designed tee in conjunction with the L.A. Art Book Fair and Juxtapoz Magazine, and now they've released a great capsule with &Pens and Public Notice (Nathaniel Russell).

We teamed up with Nat and &Pens to create a multi piece capsule. This capsule features a tote bag, short sleeve t, long sleeve t and the new issue of Public Notice. Public Notice is 68 page zine (twice the size of the original!) filled with a collection of fake flyers created by Indianapolis resident and artist Nathaniel Russell. The flyers in Public Notice run the gambit from Found Dog, Idea Party, and stretch all the way to an ad for Grampa’s Waterfall Skate Jam (complete w/ Animal Chin trivia contest). Plus, an intro written by Joel Hodgesson of Mystery Science Theater 3000! Public Notice is published by & Pens Press in a limited edition of 500 copies.“