TQL x Touch Tones

the return of QL's audio department

This looks and sounds just fantastic. Andy Mueller's The Quiet Life just reveiled its latest super rad capsule collection, a new collab with Chicago-based duo Touch Tones which features an LP, a turntable slipmat, shorts, a shirt and hats with custom print.
The album art was designed by Chicago art duo Sonnenzimmer featuring a unique, double DJ sleeve, with glossy outer and matte inner sleeves, and includes solid lemon yellow vinyl, a custom silk-screened turntable slipmat, and an album download.

Touch Tones, the music, is a rotating cast moving through a revolving door spinning on celestial poles. Two longtime Chicago friends inviting one another into variance, to find solace in a state of flux, and mutual mutability. With rough-hewn, sonic sketches in hand, the duo entered the studio for short and sweet session to avoid the overthinking that often comes with recording projects without a blueprint. The studio dance card was filled with guest singers and players including free-jazz dummer Tim Daisy, avant garde violist, vocalist, and, in this case, trumpet player, Liz Payne (Town & Country), Scottish vocalist and author Chris Connelly (The Bells, Ministry, Revolting Cocks), and mixed at the Wilco loft by sentinel (John McEntire of Tortoise, The Sea & Cake).

Strictly limited to 250. You can alreay listen to the rad album on the band's bandcamp