French director Simon Cahn spent a day trailing Philippe De Rosa, culminating in a short film chronicling his scene. There are the requisite totems of boyhood: a game console, friends, and cheeky haze. Its in these details and sequences that a moment of Philippe’s life is captured and put on loop, in which he’s suspended between youth and impending adulthood.

An universal truth about the duality of growing up is undoubtably learning to balance reality with passion. Sometimes, that line isn’t so clear.

As much as I do love skating, I know that I couldn’t give up all the hard work I’ve done for school and stuff like that. - Philippe De Rosa

Somewhere in the U.K. suburbs, Philippe De Rosa towers like the Corvocado in Rio, a statuesque God over the small world he inhabits. He’s in between dreams of living off his favourite pastime and the obligations of finishing his education. Although he’s barely lived a fifth of his entire lifetime, skating has shaped his identity. More than a connection he shares with his friends, skate culture has seeped into every corner of his world.

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Untitled - a short film

Director: Simon Cahn
Produced by: Pulse Films
Cast: Philippe De Rosa, Ollie Lock
Music: TEZ, CVD, Clark - Winters Linn (Warp)