surfdoc liberia

Fifteen years after the civil war which ravaged the whole country, Liberia is slowly rising from the ashes and tending towards a happier renewal. The opportunity for professional surfers Damien CASTERA and Arthur BOURBON to meet war children who, in certain areas of the country, have swapped their assault rifle for surfboards...


A documentary produced by HAND Studio & ALMO Film Directed by Arthur BOURBON - Written by Damien CASTERA Executive producers : Morgan le FAUCHEUR & Franck CORBERY - Director of photography: Arthur BOURBON Principal cinematography: Damien CASTERA - Featuring: Peter SWEN, Benjamin McCRUMADA, Augustin TREGBEE, Peter HAWKINS, Massale COMMEY and the Robersport Surf Community Narrated by Loïc CORBERY de la Comédie-Française Conceptual & motion design artist: Benjamin ARTOLA Motion design: Léonard MERCIER