Wenn die Sirenen heulen

at SEXAUER berlin

When the Sirens howl (it's on us) deals with the threats of climate change and war. The focus is on the question of the influence of man-made threats to our existence.

Since the outbreak of the 2020 pandemic many things have been put to the test. It became apparent who acted in solidarity and who used the crisis for their own interests. The Russian attack on Ukraine brought war back to Europe. Gas deliveries were stopped, the climate crisis became more prominent. Art can help close the communicative gaps regarding these crises. Since facts alone are often not enough to move a society to change, it can help to address senses and feelings as well.

Martin Assig
Aram Bartholl
Hannah Hallermann
Verena Issel
Anne Mundo
Nik Nowak
Raul Walch


curated by
Anne Mundo & Dirk Teschner

Streustraße 90
13086 Berlin


Verena Issel
Worms II
Textilien und Nylonschnüre auf Antirutschnetz und lackiertem Holz
162 x 150 cm / 63 3/4 x 59 inch

photocredit: Marcus Schneider, Courtesy: SEXAUER Gallery