WeTransfer launches 'The Creative Class'

featuring Damon Albarn and Stefan Sagmeister

WeTransfer just launched their new video series 'The Creative Class'- a selection of today's influential people within the creative industry, sharing their thoughts, musings and opinions on their own creativity, the industry and how technology is changing it all.

In the first film, English musician Damon Albarn describes in detail how technology has changed the creative process: “The way music is recorded is now completely and utterly different because essentially it started out that you were recording the moment. That’s what the tape gave you the ability to do. You would edit. But the essential moment was there."

The idea for ‘Creativeclass.tv comes in part from Richard Florida ‘s 2002 book, the Creative Class, which suggested this group of people would form the driving force for the social and economic development of our post-industrial cities.

For more episodes visit thecreativeclass.tv