White Noise Pack


The ASICS “WHITE NOISE” Collection brings more tech and comfort for the everyday lifestyle. A lightweight selection of the most comfortable, cushioned and stable running shoes come in mono- white and mono-black with randomly placed speckles to disrupt & make noise in any environment. 

High-end performance features remain un-edited for the “White Noise” GEL-NOOSA TRI 11 including the triathlon features like grip tabs and Glow-in- the-dark night vision, while the design incorporates neutral black and white bases of open mesh, tonal hot melt reinforcements and paint speckles of “noise”. 

Ta-ku provides the perfect soundtrack for the accompanying video-clip. The atmosphere and edit takes you inside the collection, depicting the power of true performance footwear through a lifestyle lens, sharing the ability to be disruptive and loud yet peacefully calm - random yet unified.