Huntington Beach, California, September 14, 2019

Nearly 20 years ago, pro skateboarder Stevie Williams joined the DC Shoes team and helped design his first pro model skate shoe with the California-based company. The Williams OG is a mix of East Coast street skating grit, basketball culture, ‘90s hip-hop, and streetwear. The trend-defying design made headz turn when it was released in 2000. 

As the face and co-founder of the DGK brand, Stevie Williams has transcended from simply skateboarder to entrepreneur, media personality, and posterchild. As a tribute to this legacy, Williams and DGK have partnered with DC Shoes to bring back his original shoe from these early days when he rode for DC. As a complement to the famous grey and yellow colorway, DGK will be releasing a set of matching skate decks. Both brands will distribute their respective products with select skate retailers and online.


Stevie discovered skateboarding at the age of 12 in Philadelphia, his home city. In the mid ‘90s, he and his friends started the DGK crew, AKA the “Dirty Ghetto Kids”, as skateboarding began to dominate the streets. With raw talent, superhuman pop, and a style unmatched to this day, Stevie rose through the ranks and quickly became a household name in skateboarding. Many in Stevie’s crew, like longtime homie Josh Kalis, would also turn out to be legends in their own right as they dominated Philly’s beloved Love Park skate scene, stacking some of the most memorable skate clips ever filmed and putting it on the map as one of the most famous skate spots in the world.

Over the decades, Stevie has ambitiously expanded his love of skateboarding by channeling it into areas where he could be a positive influence. He has opened up skate shops on both sides of the country, solidified partnerships with brands both in and out of skateboarding, appeared in the Tony Hawk Pro Skater video games, and launched his own clothing lines. In 2002, Stevie turned DGK into a household skate and streetwear brand—embracing the name that his crew had been called since his early days of skating around Philly. DGK also helped to launch the non-profit Saved by Skateboarding, which equips low-income kids with skateboards as a positive outlet in their lives. Stevie, a self-made man since day one, continues to cement himself as an icon on and off the board.

The Williams OG is available now, worldwide, and on