Wir Sind Die Holländer!

berlin away game

In case you've missed the good news: the free-floating minds behind Dutch creative powerhouses HALAL and Sizzer joined forces under the “Wir Sind Die Holländer!“ moniker for a friendly takeover of Berlin. 

They not only plan to work from the city of Berlin for a few weeks this spring, but will also bring a variation of their friends and family from the music, design, art and fashion industry. Ranging from skate/record store Independent Outlet, celebrated online radio icons Red Light Radio, renowned Kallenbach Gallery and Fashion Designer Byborre, “Wir Sind Die Holländer!” promises a small but tasty slice of the current Dutch creative industry.

Check their facebook for the latest news on shows, exhibitions, talks and whatnot.

Wir Sind Die Holländer! / Inselstr. 13 / Berlin-Mitte